Selection Process
The committee is selected by the MHSAA. Primarily, respected, experienced and knowledgeable coaches are selected.

They are chosen by geography to gather information. When they meet in Lansing, they do not have an east/west mentality.


FINAL DRAW PROCEDURETo be used in every flight.
  1. Place the byes in the draw.
  2. Place the cards of the seeded players in the draw.
  3. Sort the remaining entry cards by Regional  (see “b.” below).
    1. Shuffle and draw the cards in an alternating manner from a Regional-- top  and bottom per half and top and bottom per quarter.
    2. Determine the position with a flip of a coin.
    3. First draw the Regionals with more than 2 qualifying teams.
      1. draw each in a different quarter with the Regional Flight winner and Flight runner-up in the opposite half.
    4. Be aware of Regional numbers so that the winner of a Flight is in the opposite half of a Flight runner-up of that Regional
    5. A player from a qualifying team (if not a runner-up) should be in the opposite half from the winner of that Regional.
  4. Balance winners (seeds and Regional Flight winners) in each quarter.
  5. Place in the draw.
  6. Double-check and balance Regional Flight winners and runners-up so that they are in opposite halves.
  7. Check 1st match opponents.  No more than twice.
  8. Record the line number on each entry card.
Priority Order of Importance
  1. 1st match opponent restriction.
  2. Regional Flight winner and runner-up in opposite halves.
  3. Balance of winners in a quarter.