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At the June 16, 2007 meeting, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to cease publication of the Court Monitor, our association newsletter. Instead, communication will be offered via the Internet (this web site) and mass e-mail. The main reasoning for this decision is that any information that might be in the Newsletter is already available on MHSTeCA's web site.

Listed below are items that were posted on the main page of MHSTeCA's web page.

The 2016 Detroit Tennis Workshop (AKA The Tennis Clinic) was held February 5 & 6, 2016. This Workshop marks the 40th year, and the last, under the expert guidance of Bob Wood & Gary Bodenmiller. The MHSTeCA's would like to thank these two for all of the work that they did for the past 40 years.

The Clinic will continue under the supervision of Peter & Amanda Militzer (Portage Central) and Gary Ellis (Allegan). Look for information on the 2017 Clinic around the first of December 2016.

Bob Wood
Gary Bodenmiller

Thanks for the Memories

Few coaches who were in attendance at the first Tennis Workshop back in 1977 were thinking about a 40-year venture, one that would span two generations. Indeed, some of the coaches who were at last year’s event weren’t even born in 1977. All we knew at the time was that we were impressed. Some of us were experienced coaches and accomplished players, yet we left with an abundance of information and, more to the point, excitement at the prospect of using what we had learned.

It didn’t hurt that the first speaker was U of M’s Brian Eisner,  who, up to that point, had won seven Big Ten championships (He would win 18 in 30 years). Brian, coach of Vic Amaya (He would go 5 sets with Bjorn Borg at Forest Hills), Malivai Washington (Wimbledon finalist) and Mike Leach (NCAA singles champion), was terrific in terms of both presentation and content. He also brought enormous credibility to the workshop.

“Bob and I were neighbors but we also coached against each other -- he at University Liggett, me at South Lake in St. Clair Shores,” says Gary.  “We had attended the National Tennis Teachers Conference in New York City with our wives.  Brian Eisner, Ian Laver (Rod’s cousin and teaching pro in Florida) and Bob White (trainer Wayne State) were our featured speakers at our first workshop (White was so well-received for his talk on tennis injuries that he was invited back the next year.) Other coaches on the program were Charles Partin from East Grand Rapids, Don Brown from Cranbrook and Herm Kieweit from Kalamazoo Loy Norrix.” Note: All three are in the MHSTeCA Hall of Fame.

As they say in church, it’s one thing for people to attend the first time; it’s a brand new ball game when they come back. Surely we did because Bob and Gary kept bringing in top clinicians. A major reason is that Bob had the good fortune to talk Clarence Mabry, the director of the aforementioned National Tennis Teachers Conference, into coming to Detroit. “He set us on fire,” Bob says. “When I would call prospective presenters throughout the nation, all I had to say was that Clarence had come to our workshop. He was that well-known and respected.”

Who can forget when Chris Evert went through a workout (we watched up close) and then answered questions, or when Arthur Ashe arrived, even though he confessed at the time that getting through the snow and cold in Detroit on a Friday night in February was not his first choice.  Vic Braden, whose books during the tennis surge of the ‘70s made him a recognizable name among non-tennis people, brought his analytic approach to the workshop. Later on, it was Pam Schriver, Wimbledon doubles champion with Martina Navratilova. There was Jimmy Arias at Battle Creek and Tim Gullikson in Troy. We heard from Dennis VanderMeer and Nick Bollittieri.

Over these two days, high school coaches became even more enthusiastic about the upcoming tennis season. We left the event having learned a multitude of teaching techniques, drills, and verbal expressions that we were eager to impart in the coming months. After all, spring, with its promise on several levels, was coming soon.

“I was often reminded of things I already knew but had forgotten, and techniques that I had set aside which I shouldn’t have,” says Ed Waits. “But there was always something new and exciting. We witnessed great tennis teachers. Some of the best were the unknown names, people I had never heard of. Some were our colleagues.”

To be sure, there were plenty of celebrities that drew us in. Given the connections that Bob Wood forged nationally – and the reputation that the affair built over the years –  big names came first to the east side of Detroit, twice to Battle Creek, and then to Troy. They brought excellence and left memories.

  • Greg Patton getting off the plane and heading straight to the workshop without any sleep for over 24 hours.  He was still dynamic.
  • Peter Burwash pitching the vegetarian lifestyle and describing the process for killing chickens and processing them for consumption right before we headed out to lunch.  There were a lot of salads eaten that day.
  • Vic Braden and the threat on his life.  “I don't think I've ever seen Bob more on edge than that day,” says Gary Ellis.
  • Chrissie Evert and Jack Kramer appearing together for a presentation. Many of us grew up in the ‘50s playing with the Kramer Autograph racket.
  • Wayne Bryan - AWESOME every time he was here.
  • The Houston Rockets staying at the Troy Marriott at the same time we were there.  We all looked up to them, especially in the elevator where we prayed that Chuck Reed’s (Whittemore Prescott) wife would not ask: “How is the air up there?”
  • The first few workshops were non-stop sessions.  If you went to lunch you had to miss a session.
  • Gundars Tilmanis, who with a weirdly strung racket, mishit a ball and sent it up into the ballroom chandelier. Many of us were on our hands and knees scooping up shards of glass before the session resumed.
  • There were often outstanding sessions run simultaneously. You had to make a hard decision, then compare notes.
  • Joe Dinoffer offered simple, almost common sense advice. And he always had a few statistics to back up what he said. I still remember hearing that ‘44% of points are ended within the first two shots of the point.’ “In the season following that session, I think our team practiced serves and returns until someone's arm almost fell off.”-- Peter Militzer
  • Jorge Capestany always had a drill (or six) that you could take back and use right away. His drills were generally easy to follow and institute when you returned home.

“I feel I learned the most from what I would call ‘second-tier’ speakers. They may not have been national names but they often had built a very successful program, whether it was with a team or at a club, by sticking to a few solid principles. I've also learned a great deal from the sessions held by the high school coaches in our state.” -- Peter Militzer

The impact of this annual event also extended to our organization. It enabled 200+ high school tennis coaches to renew their memberships and perhaps have their schools pay. It allowed us to distribute annual directories without incurring mailing costs. It made it easier to attend an annual General Membership Meeting; after all, we were already there in one place. It also enabled Warren Mackenzie and later, Gina Mazzolini, to make MHSAA rules meetings attendance easier.

In addition, it provided a venue for the Hall of Fame banquet, a chance to honor in first class fashion not only inductees but coaches of the year, assistant coaches, distinguished service individuals, and Mr. and Miss Tennis. After getting a shaky start in Kalamazoo, the event was switched to the Friday night of the workshop, a superb decision. Although scheduled in conjunction with the National Junior and Boys tournament, the Kalamazoo affair was lightly attended. Not so in Troy where the banquet was often full to overflowing. The crowd would leave the affair with an afterglow of good feeling, having experienced a night of inspiring success stories and expressions of gratitude.  Doubtless, many who were there and are now reading this are singing/humming a version of Thanks for the Memories.

All of the above is the result of the vision, strong will, and organizational skills of Bob and Gary.  After all, any association is almost required to have an annual convention. Although the two certainly had help, they were the driving force behind so many events. Bob was nationally known. Gary provided the detail work. Together they started something that would span more years and include more coaches than they could ever have imagined on that Friday evening in 1977.

As tennis coaches surely know, there is a window, however short, when one can look back with satisfaction at a triumph that just transpired. The shortness of the window has to do with what challenge lies too soon ahead. We are incessant worriers. Something might be gaining on us.

But at the end of this era, that sense of satisfaction for Bob and Gary spans four decades of good stories and fond memories. They have a lot to look back on. Thanks to them, so do we.

February 2016


Listed below are the rulings of the MHSAA's Rep Council on the items that the MHSTeCA's Board of Directors sent to them.

Spring 2013:

Proposals that were approved by the Tennis Committee and will go into effect Fall 2013

  1. Established a procedure for handling an oversight in the ranking of players/teams at an Area Seed Meeting: When new evidence of an oversight in ranking of players/teams at an Area Seed Meeting is found, it should be submitted to the chair of the State Seed Committee for review. The chair should follow up with the MHSAA Assistant Director in charge of tennis to determine if further action is to take place.
  2. Use the USTA penalty for time violations on change-overs (1st offense = warning, subsequent offenses = one point for each offense)
  3. Tournament officials will enforce all rules according to MHSAA guidelines, except for line calls where they will act as an appeal judges and rule only when there is a request from a player.

Proposals that passed the Tennis Committee and were sent to the Representative Council (May 2013 meeting)

  1. Exempt tennis from the summer dead week. FAILED
  2. Eliminate the restrictions of the 4-player rule for 7th and 8th graders. FAILED
  3. Create 8-team Regionals to replace the current regional system that is in place. FAILED

Proposals that were tabled

  1. In the regional and state final tournaments, move the byes to the spots opposite unseeded players; or to the lowest seeded player, in ascending order.

Proposals that did not pass the Tennis Committee

  1. Eliminate the rules prohibiting teaching pros from coaching while employed at clubs.
  2. Where only abbreviated scoring (short sets, 8-game pro-sets, match tiebreak for the 3rd sets) is used, a player may be allowed to play four matches in a day.

Spring 2011:

  1. Request that Tennis be exempt from the "dead period" provision of the MHSAA (10-1). FAILED
  2. Allow players to wear manufactured sleeveless tennis shirts (no tank tops) as a legalshirt in boys tennis (6-5). FAILED
  3. For all regular season contests, unless prohibited by conference/league rules, allow a coach to substitute directly into the line-up for any absent player, upon the approval of the other coach(s) involved in that contest (10-0). PASSED
  4. Require USTA officials at all MHSAA Final tournaments (11-0). PASSED
  5. Deduct a team pont for a flagrant unsportsmanlike violation committed by a non-playing member of a team at any time during an MHSAA tournament (11-0). PASSED

Spring 2010:

  1. Request that Tennis be exempt from the "dead period" provision of the MHSAA (9-0). FAILED
  2. Eliminate the following guideline in the Tournament Manager's Manual under Additional Procedure for Drawing Brackets (Final Tournament): "individuals who are winners must not play other winners in the first round matches. If an individual player is on the winning team, but did not win his/her flight, no special consideration is to be given." PASSED
  3. Request that the MHSAA select coaches to serve on an Ethics Committee - to serve as a resource for dealing with allegations of stacking or rule violations. FAILED (Requested that tennis do like other coaches associations and appoint their own.)
  4. Allow the four interscholastic scrimmages to happen any time during the season. PASSED

June 2013

At the Board of Directors meeting on October 26, 2013 it was voted to rename the Distinguished Service Award. The award will now be known as the Karen Page Distinguished Service Award in recognition of the significant role that Coach Page played in high school tennis and our organization.

October 2013

Lawrence Technological University (LTU) in Southfield, MI, and their new head coach, Stephen Behmlander, are very pleased to announce the addition of Men’s and Women’s Varsity Tennis, beginning in the fall of 2014. LTU is one of nation’s best schools for engineering, architecture, science and applied technology. Coaches and players are encouraged to visit the LTU Athletics website at A recruiting form can be found there for prospective players. LTU is a proud member of the NAIA and the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference (WHAC).

November 2013


Tom Leyrer of Jenison has be inducted into the Michigan High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Congratulations Tom.

November 2010


MHSTeCA wants to get input from its membership on a number of items concerning tennis in the State of Michigan. A discussion forum has been set up dealing with different topics. Several new items have been added to this Discussion Forum that have come up at previous Board of Directors Meetings.

  1. Proposal for restructing Finals Tournament
  2. Proposal for "ethical, rule, and code violations." (Claims Committee)
  3. Regional Wild Card Entry
  4. Deadline for Line-up
  5. Tennis Parity
  6. Third Set Match Tiebreak.

Click here to check out other coaches' opinions and/or to add your opinion.

If you have other topics to either be added to this forum or discussed at a future Board of Directors meeting, please contact Joe Gentle or any Board Member.

National High School Athletic Coaches Association
2011 Annual Convention comes to Grand Rapids, Michigan

The National High School Athletic Coaches Association collaborates
 with Michigan High School Coaches Association to host the
NHSACA Annual convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 2011.

(click above for info and registration form)  

Michigan High School Coaches Association has been presented with an exciting opportunity as the host site of the 2011 National High School Athletic Coaches Association annual convention June 18-22, 2011. The National High School Athletic Coaches Association would like to invite all those in education and athletics to participate in Michigan first hosting opportunity of the NHSACA annual convention. It is an opportunity to Educate, Recognize, and Support, teachers, coaches, and administration of our nation’s student-athletes. The National High School Athletic Coaches Association Annual Convention will take place at The Amway Grand Plaza Hotel June 18 thru 22, 2011. Registration information can be found on line at  Fees for the five days of meeting begin at $100.  

Come join us for these and many additional educational possibility

  • College Credit offered by the University of Sioux Falls & MHSAA CAPs Classes with State & National presenters’ on Saturday and Sunday, June 18 & 19
  • Annual Meeting Session with COTY Sports Specific Coaching Classes: Presentation by National Coach of the Year nominees
  • NHSACA Guest Speakers Presentation from a State or National Spokespersons
  • MIGCA & NHSACA Golf Outing at Grand Valley’s home course to benefit Michigan high school golf player’s scholarship fund
  • Daily actives to be had for spouses and families to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, the John Ball Zoo, and Fredrik Meijer Gardens

For more information, contact:
James M. Okler, CAA
Grosse Ile Athletic Director,
2010-11 NHSACA President
Jerome Garry
NHSACA Executive Director

National High School Athletic Coaches Association
A Not for Profit Corporation... Founded in 1965

February 2011


Listed below are the rulings of the MHSAA's Rep Council on the items that the MHSTeCA's Board of Directors sent to them.

  1. Request that Tennis be exempt from the "dead period" provision of the MHSAA (9-0). FAILED
  2. Eliminate the following guideline in the Tournament Manager's Manual under Additional Procedure for Drawing Brackets (Final Tournament): "individuals who are winners must not play other winners in the first round matches. If an individual player is on the winning team, but did not win his/her flight, no special consideration is to be given." PASSED
  3. Request that the MHSAA select coaches to serve on an Ethics Committee - to serve as a resource for dealing with allegations of stacking or rule violations. FAILED, requested that tennis do like other coaches associations and appoint their own.
  4. Allow the four interscholastic scrimmages to happen any time during the season. PASSED

June 2010


I work for the USTA/Midwest Section in Indianapolis, and we are looking for avenues to help spread the word about available scholarships to high school seniors who play tennis around the Section. We promote, develop and service tennis in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and portions of West Virginia/Kentucky.

The USTA Serves Scholarships are provided through our national office in New York. The MYTEF Gullikson/Van Horn Scholarships are provided through our USTA/Midwest Section's Foundation in Indianapolis. I am not sure of your policy for posting content from other non-profit sports organizations on your website and/or e-mailing to your high school tennis coaches. We would appreciate anything you can do regarding the posting and/or distribution/e-mail of the following scholarship information to give junior tennis players in Michigan the best opportunity to learn about these scholarships. In case you need additional information on our Foundation, please visit Please let me know if you have any questions.

USTA Serves Scholarships
Each year, USTA Serves awards scholarships to deserving youngsters who have participated in USTA and other organized youth tennis programs. The following scholarships are offered: Marian Wood Baird College Scholarship, Dwight F. Davis Memorial Scholarship, Dwight Mosley Scholarship Award, USTA Serves College Education Scholarship, Eve Kraft Education & College Scholarship, and USTA Serves College Textbook Scholarship. The deadline for submission of scholarship applications is February 5, and click here for more information.

MYTEF Gullikson and Van Horn Scholarships
Each year, a $2,500 Tim & Tom Gullikson scholarship is presented to one female and one male junior tennis player, and a $500 Rick Van Horn scholarship is presented to one junior tennis player. Students who plan to attend an accredited college or university, who are current members of the USTA, and residents in the USTA/Midwest Section are urged to apply for the scholarships. The deadline to apply for either scholarship is March 1, and click here to access the application.
Kathy Dalla Costa | Director of Communications
USTA/Midwest Section |
1310 E. 96th Street, Suite 100 | Indianapolis, IN  46240
317.577.5130 ext. 224 |

January 2010

Two of our coaches are in the 'news':

Glenn 'Fuzz' Corey has been inducted into the Michigan High School Coaches Association's Hall of Fame.
Mark Sobieralski has been named National Coach of the Year for Tennis by the National High School Athletic Coaches Association.

Congratulations to Fuzz and Mark.

November 2009


  • Beginning August 1, 2009 coaches may work with 4 players during the off season instead of 3.
  • Summer rules will now be defined as beginning with the Monday after Memorial Day, even if school is still in session.
  • New eligibility rules - if a student is not pass 66% of his/her classes, he/she will be ineligible the next trimester (if the school is on a trimester schedule) or 60 scheduled school days for those not using a trimester system.
  • MHSTeCA's Hall of Fame is tentatively set to be located in Genesys Athletic Club in Grand Blanc. More information to follow.

June 2009

MHSAA's Coaches Advancement Program

registration form (please complete form on computer, print out and send to MHSAA)


Player record sheets for Regionals will NOT be done online this Spring. Player record sheets will have to be done as in the past (that is, legibly written or typed) and sent to the Regional Director by the deadline. The plan is to have the sheets done online beginning with the 2009 Fall Season.

March 2009

The 2009 Raffle at the Tennis Workshop received $875 from those who participated in the drawings. This money will be deposited in the Hall of Fame Account. The Raffle was led by David Schwartz of the Tennis and Golf Co. with ample assistance from Jennifer Aldrich of Allegan, Alva Morgan of Allegan, and Beth Van Dyke of Holland. The Tennis Coaches Association thanks them for their efforts and thanks those who purchased chances on the many prizes donated by the Tennis And Golf Co. and by Gatorade.

Submitted by Tiger Teusink

February 2009

COACHES: Below are a number of important items that we would like your help with.

  • We have been notified by the Midland Community Tennis Center that they will no longer be able to host our Hall of Fame. If you have any ideas or know of a place tht might be able to have our Hall of Fame, please contact Bill Riggs (
  • We also are looking for email addresses for newspapers. Please send the naewpapers' name and email address to Bruce Grotenhuis (
  • We are starting an email Newsletter. Send any items that you might have for articles or ideas that you would like to see included in the Newsletter to Brennan Brown (

NOTICE: At the Fall Board of Directors meeting, it was decided that the Summer and Fall meetings of the Board of Directors will be held two weeks after the LP Finals Tournament.

November 2008


Listed below are some changes that are upcoming for tennis (note the dates for the changes)

  • Starting Fall of 2008
    • more than two coaches many be used at the Regionals & Finals Tournament only if more than two sites are used. These coaches must be registered with MHSAA before Regionals and can only be used at the extra sites.
    • the Coman Tiebreak will be used when a set goes to 6-6. Click here for procedure.
    • Regional Entry Forms will be able to be sent electronically to MHSAA
  • Starting with the 2009-10 season
    • Tennis Coaches Rules 'Meetings' will be online and will be mandatory. More info to follow.
    • The first match of the season can not be until seven days after the first day for practice.
      • EXAMPLE: For Fall 2009 - first day for practice is August 12, first day for a match is August 19

June 2008


The Spring 2008 All State list did not include UP's All State players when it was posted in June. We regret any inconvience that this may have caused anyone. Below are the players that have been added to the 2008 Spring All State list. Congratulations to these playes.

Brian Tresedder (12) - Kingsford
Derek Harrington (12) - Kingsford
Matt Baumgartner (12) - West Iron County
Matt Lobeck (11) - Iron Mountain
Jeno Cederna (11) - Escanaba

November 2008

Coaches: Check out Wilson's 2008 Fall Edition Coaches for Life Newsletter. (Click on title to see the Newsletter.)

September 2008

Master Professional Jorge Capestany has launched a new video based website that has more than 600 videos of tennis drills and tips.

HS coaches may find the website extremely useful. The price has dropped by 50% from what was shown at the Troy convention;
There are 18 FREE samples to look at that can be printed out.

To see more, visit:



Doug Adams has resigned from the Historian position and Karen Langs has resigned as the All-Academic coordinator. Bill Riggs of Allen Park has agreed to accept the Historian position and Jan Gottlin of Riverview has accepted the All-Academic position. The MHSTeCA thanks both Doug and Karen for all of their hard work over the past years. And congratulations to Bill and Jan for taking on these positions.

July 2008

At our 32nd Detroit Tennis Workshop, $1,120.00 was donated via our raffle between speakers.  This compares to 2006--$1,074 and 2007---$1,114.  The 2008 Raffle was conducted by Jennifer Aldridge of Allegan, Jennifer Conrad of Allegan, Alva Morgan of Allegan, and Beth Van Dyke of Holland.  Prizes were donated by Gatorade and The Tennis Company of Royal Oak.  David Schwartz of the Tennis Company did the drawings and led the active Raffle. 
Reported by Tiger Teusink, Sec.-Treas.


Dear High School Tennis Coaches,

This year we are providing the opportunity for tennis enthusiasts, USTA League Players, and High School Tennis Team members to attend the 22nd Annual Professional Tennis Management workshops and ancillary activities and take advantage of the wonderful lineup of speakers and information we are offering.

Our headline speaker, Bill Tym, former Vanderbilt University Head Tennis Coach and tennis legend, will be presenting a seminar on Strategy & Tactics that is absolutely wonderful.  On Saturday, April 11th , tennis enthusiasts can participate in the Head Demo Day at 11 am, have lunch at 12 noon, and attend the Bill Tym’s seminar from 1-2:30 pm, all for a $15 registration fee!

The Ferris State University Professional Tennis Management program is the top program of its kind throughout the country and each year we host a flagship event that includes seminars and an awards’ banquet.  We would like to invite the tennis playing public to attend.

We would appreciate you distributing the brochure to several of your active USTA Team Captains and/High School Tennis Team Players, and would be happy to reciprocate delivering any club or tournament information that you send us, to our membership.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Tom Daglis, PTM Director

USPTA First Vice President

click here for copy of brochure


The USTA is holding a Recreational Coaches Workshop on March 8, 2008 at the Minges Creek Athletic Club in Battle Creek. It will be held from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. This workshop is for High School Varsity and JV coaches - or anyone interested in updating skill, learning what's new, etc. To register, contact: Linda Spam, or 269-979-1111


Get a jump on your high school competition by attending an USTA Recreational Coach Workshop on Saturday, March 1, 2008. 

Our office won the National RCW Host of the Year Award!!
Come see what all the fuss is about!
If you're not interested, please pass this on to someone who could benefit from a great training by a couple of entertaining and informative instructors.

This interactive, on-court training program will be specificially designed for high school coaches. Taught by Mike Woody (Midland Community Tennis Center), and Jorge Capestany (Hope College), this active 6-hour session will include topics on:

  • Teaching large groups
  • The games-based approach to coaching
  • Running effective team practices
  • Top 10 Games Every Coach Should Know
  • QuickStart Format and Much, Much, More!

These workshops are an excellent primer for new coaches as well as a valuable refresher course for those with teaching experience but who seek more current methods and effective tools.

Upon completion, attendees will:

  • Become eligible for membership as a PTR Recreational Coach and in USPTA as a Developmental Coach
  • Be able to effectively run entry level groups and team
  • Receive many coaching resource hand-outs, a drills cd and samples of the latest in transition ball technology

FREE Lunch provided!

Saturday, March 1. 2008
Noon-6:30pm at the Dearborn Racquet & Health Club

Call the District Office (734) 421-1025 to sign up today!
FREE to High School Coaches ($10 deposit required to reserve your spot)
Katrina Walker
Community Development and USTA Jr. Team Tennis Coordinator
United States Tennis Association
Southeastern Michigan District
15195 Farmington Road, A-1
Livonia, Michigan 48154
(734) 421-1025
visit our website:
The difficult I can do right now, the impossible will take a little time...Ira Gershwin


Posted Summer 2007

Dear Coach,
We would like to invite you to our upcoming Recreational Coach Workshop scheduled for Sat., Oct. 20th from 12:30-6:30pm in Farmington, MI.

A Recreational Coach Workshop is an interactive, on-court training program designed for parents, tennis teachers and coaches working with players at the recreational level.

Taught by Mike Woody and Jorge Capestany, these specially trained, certified teaching professionals will cover the following in this six-hour active format:
• Teaching large groups
• The games-based approach to coaching
• Running effective team practices
• The Top 10 Games Every Coach Should Know

These workshops are an excellent primer for coaches as well as a valuable refresher course for those with teaching experience but who seek more current methods and effective tools. 

Upon completion, attendees will:
• Become eligible for membership as a PTR Recreational Coach and in USPTA as a Developmental Coach.
• Be able to effectively run entry level groups and teams
• Receive many coaching resource hand-outs and samples of the latest in transition ball technology.

I am attaching a flyer (click here to see flyer).  If you have any questions, or would like to sign up, call our office at (734) 421-1025.  Cost is $40.

Katrina Walker
Community Development
and USA Team Tennis Coordinator
United States Tennis Association
Southeastern Michigan District
15195 Farmington Road, A-1
Livonia, Michigan 48154
(734) 421-1025
visit our website:

The difficult I can do right now, the impossible will take a little time...Ira Gershwin

Posted Summer 2007

The United States Professional Tennis Association launched a new Web site that offers extensive resources to high school tennis coaches and others who work with high school tennis teams and players.

USPTA developed the new Web site to assist high school and other coaches who shape thousands of young tennis players each year. Its main goal is to provide resources that enable coaches to organize effective team practices for large groups. One of the most important elements is a practice template with a large library of drills and games that can be copied and pasted into the template to create a high school practice session of any length or complexity. Like many of the resources, the drills and games are time-tested by the finest tennis-teaching professionals in the world.

The resource center is the ideal tool to help promote the idea of “no-cut tennis” for high school teams by benefiting both new and experienced players, according to Jane Brown Grimes, president of the United States Tennis Association.

“High school tennis plays a critical role in growing the game. We need to do all we can to provide high school coaches with the tools they need to run effective programs. The USPTA's High School Coaches Resource Center will do just that. We are particularly excited about how this can help develop more ‘no-cut’ high school teams,” said Grimes.

The site,, represents possibly the largest collection of resources on teaching and playing tennis. The information comes from many sources, including almost four years worth of TV show productions for “On Court with USPTA™,” video recordings of both specialty courses and seminars from past USPTA World Conferences, audio seminars from past World Conferences, DVD productions from special events, including the USPTA Competitive Player Development Conferences, drills, games and more. The site is free to USPTA members and available free for 90 days to anyone else who registers and provides a valid e-mail address and password.

The high school resource site is one of seven independent sites hosted by USPTA. It will continue to evolve as new resources are added.

Posted - July 2007

Judge Enslen has issued his opinion on the switching of the boys and girls seasons back to what it has been for years. Basically he denied the appeal because it happened too late. This means that the boys will play in the fall and the girls in the spring.

Click here to read the entire opinion.

Posted - July 2007

NOTICE! The National High School Athletic Coaches Association has chosen Tom Pullen of Ann Arbor Pioneer as their National High School Coach of the Year (Tennis). Congratulations to Tom.

Posted - June 25, 2007

Dear High School Coaches,

As part of the 65th Anniversary Celebration of the USTA Boys' 18 & 16 National Championships at Kalamazoo College we are hosting high school team tennis days on August 4th and 5th. As part of the celebration, students K-12 will receive free admission.

We would like to invite all area high school tennis teams and their coaches to participate in this celebration. Come out and watch some exciting tennis. Have your individual team picture taken at historic Stowe Stadium. All High School boys and girls are welcome.

Encourage your players to arrive at 11am and sign in at the ticket booth with their coach or chaperone. After the noon match on court 1 is completed, there will be a group photo taken. Other activities may follow after the team picture.

We ask that all coaches forward this information to their players and we look forward to your participation in supporting this 65th Anniversary Event. More information will be available on our website

If your team plans to attend, we encourage you to pre-register by either calling Tim Hubbard at (269) 337-7343 or by e-mailing


Tim Hubbard

High School Team Day Coordinator