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Although we are sorry to be leaving the Troy Marriott, we are super excited to announce a new location for the 2019 Michigan Tennis Workshop! It will be held on February 1 & 2, 2019 at the DeWitt Tennis Center on the campus of Hope College.

A huge shout-out to Jorge Capestany and the PTM program at Hope College for supporting the coaches workshop. Hope College is giving us a REAL tennis court for all the on-court presentations (no more chandeliers!). Hope is also dedicating the ENTIRE 6-court DeWitt Tennis Center to us on Friday so there will not be anyone hitting on adjacent courts making it difficult to hear the presenters!

FRI FEB 1, 2019
at DeWitt Tennis Center
301 Fairbanks Ave
Holland, MI 49423
(all on-court presentations)

SAT FEB 2, 2019
at Haworth Inn Hope College
225 College Ave
Holland, MI 49423
(all classroom presentations)

MHSTeCA's Hall of Fame Banquet
will be held Friday, February 1 at 6:30 pm
at Haworth Inn & Conference Center in Ballroom III
225 College Avenue
Holland, MI 49423

Click here for registration & Clinic information.

Thanks to Peter and Amanda Militzer for all of the work that they have done.

December 2018

Tennis Coach,

Thank you for your time and commitment to high school tennis in Michigan! The Dow Tennis Classic would like to invite you and your high school players to the Greater Midland Tennis Center on Saturday, February 2nd for the 2019 Net Generation High School Day presented by The Dow Chemical Company.

The free event is open to any student, male or female, in Grades 9 through 12, regardless of their tennis ability.

High School Day Agenda

10am – 12pm             On court action with World Class Pro players from the Dow Tennis Classic and the Greater Midland Tennis Center

12pm – 1pm               Free lunch

1:00pm                        Free ticket to Dow Tennis Classic Semifinal match!!!

Space is limited to the first 200 players so act fast!

Please RSVP by completing this online form –   https://ustamidwest.formstack.com/forms/dtc_coaches

We look forward to welcoming you to the Dow Tennis Classic and to making this sensational annual event, the largest ever!



Mike Andrews, Director of Junior Tennis                      Scott Mitchell, Executive Director/Tournament Director
GREATER MIDLAND | TENNIS CENTER                                        Dow Tennis Classic
MAndrews@greatermidland.org                                          smitchell@greatermidland.org    

Jim Amick
USTA/Midwest Section

January 2019


The MHSTeCA's Mr Tennis award is given to a Number One Senior Singles player. Each Division nominates one player from their Division and then one of those is chosen Mr Tennis.

The following players were nominated for Mr Tennis for Fall 2018.
Division 1 - Andrew Zhang, Bloomfield Hills
Division 2 - Gabe Liss, Birmingham Groves
Division 3 - Ryan Okonski, St. Joseph
Division 4 - Andrew Gerrling, Traverse City St. Francis

Mr Tennis for 2018 is
Andrew Zhang of Bloomfield Hills.

Congratulations to Andrew.
Previous Mr Tennis Winners

2017 - Steve Forman, Troy
2016 - Varun Shanker, H.H. Dow
2015 - Connor Johnston, Northville
2014 - Tim Wang, Novi
2013 - Davis Crocker, Kalamazoo Loy Norrix
2012 - Brett Forman, Troy
2011 - Andrew Cahn, West Bloomfield
2010 - Joe Dube, Detroit Catholic Central.
2009 - Aaron Pfister, Grand Blanc.
2008 - Michael Sukenik, East Grand Rapids
2007 (Fall) - Andrew Jung, Battle Creek Lakeview
2007 (Spring) - Michael Calderone, Jackson Lumen Christi
2006 - Matt Parks, Troy
2005 - Kevin Hayward, Ann Arbor Pioneer

October 2018


The MHSAA has made arrangements to use an online scoring program called Tennis Reporting. This program will be free of any cost to you and your school. Starting with the 2018 Fall Season it will be mandatory.

Click on a link below to view the program.

Tennis Reporting Website (scroll down and click on 'WATCH VIDEO')

Video from Clinic

March 2018


The MHSTeCA's Miss Tennis award is given to a Number One Senior Singles player. Each Division nominates one player from their Division and then one of those is chosen Miss Tennis.

The following players were nominated for Miss Tennis for Spring 2018.

Division 1 - Shanoli Kumar of Northville
Division 2 - Korrin Dering of Bloomfield Hills Marian
Division 3 - No Nominee
Division 4 - Natalie Moyer of Kalamazoo Hackett


Miss Tennis for 2018 is
Shanoli Kumar of Northville

Congratulations to Shanoli.
Previous Miss Tennis Winners

2017 - Ava Thielman, Utica Eisenhower
2016 - Raven Neely, Grosse Pointe South
2015 - Davina Nguyen, Utica
2014 - Alexandria Najarian, Cranbrook-Kingswood
2013 - Mary Hanna, Saline
2012 - Hailey Barrett, Grand Ledge
2011 - Kelsey Dieters, Rochester
2010 - Kathleen Hawkins, Kalamazoo Hackett
2009 - Maggie Remynse, Battle Creek Lakeview
2008 - Shannon Mathews, Cranbrook Kingswood
2007 - No Season
2006 - Jessica Seyferth, Ann Arbor Pioneer
2005 - Emily Dudzik, Greenville
2004 - Stephanie Kebler, Okemos

June 2018


The 2018 Coaches' Directory is posted to the website.

The directory is password protected. In March 2018 Ed Waits emailed the current password to all members that listed email addresses. If you can not access the Directory, you may not have renewed your membership for 2018.

Please check to make sure that your information is correct and send any corrections to Ed Waits (see below).


  1. Please send any updates/corrections for the directory to Ed Waits
  2. Click here to view directory. (Updated as of November 22, 2018)

March 2018

Honoring One of Our Own

Dan & Gary

Gary Ellis accepting the Charles Forsythe Award
from the Michigan High School Athletic Association
Presenter - Dan Hutcheson, Assistant Director

Anyone who has ever dealt with Gary Ellis – whether as an opposing coach, as a part of the MHSTeCA board, as a member of a seed committee, as a participant in one of his Saturday tournaments or regionals, or as colleague whose boss happens to be the athletic director – knows how exceptional this gentleman is. “He is one of the few people that I have ever met who can take a high-profile, high-octane, protesting coach and calm him down with reasoned and informed explanations,” says Ed Waits.

Yes, it’s his genial personality but it doesn’t hurt that he has spent so many years as not only a tennis coach, an athletic director, a member of the state seed committee, a member of the MHSAA Tennis Committee, a former president and current secretary treasurer of the MHSTeCA, and secretary of the Wolverine Conference. With this extensive background, he not only knows the rules but knows the ins and outs of rules-change procedures. He is always up-to-date and informed. You go to him for answers.

Furthermore, for so many years, Gary’s reach has gone far beyond high school tennis. He has hosted various MHSAA events besides tennis at the district, regional, and quarterfinal levels. He has served on baseball/softball site selection and Scholar Athlete Committees. As an administrator, he was named his region’s Athletic Director of the Year in 2011 by the Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (MIAAA). He was also named Community Person of the Year in education by the Allegan Area Chamber of Commerce and received the Allegan County Outstanding People for Education Award. He has served as an MHSAA registered official for 39 years in volleyball through the 2011 season and basketball for 26 years through the 1998-99 boys season.

Gary is a member of the Allegan Lions Club and has served as its president, is active as part of Christ Community Church and, of course, supports the Allegan Booster Club. He was the school’s first girls volleyball coach. He has coached middle school volleyball and 8th grade girls basketball. In addition, Gary has served the Western Michigan Tennis Association in various roles. He has been chairperson of the USTA/Midwest Section Junior Team Committee and worked as an official at local USTA events including national tournaments hosted at Kalamazoo College’s Stowe Stadium.

His honors and accomplishments in high school tennis, not surprisingly, are legion: Three-time Coach of the Year, Hall of Fame inductee, and a nominee for the National Federation Coaches Association national award for boys for 2004-05. His boys teams have won 29 conference championships and 13 girls titles (he spent a much shorter tenure as their coach). His boys and girls have finished in the top ten of the state finals 32 times.

But Gary did not receive the Charles Forsythe Award from the Michigan High School Athletic Association on March 24th because he was and is so good for high school tennis. His influence, as evidenced above, has extended far and wide. After all, this award is no small potatoes. Just look at the names of those who have proceeded him.

Nevertheless, we in the high school tennis community can be proud to call him one of our own. “As a leader in athletics and especially the tennis community, Gary Ellis has influenced and inspired administrators, coaches and students for more than 40 years,” MHSAA Executive Director Jack Roberts said. “In addition to serving as a fine athletic director representing his school, he has long provided key insights on the best ways to conduct tennis programs in this state, from how to seed the top players at our tournament to how to include as many as possible on the local team. We admire his dedication and are glad to honor him with this award.”

“When Gary walks into a room,” says Ed, “you would be wise to go over and stand next to him. Don’t say anything; just stand there. It’s called ‘basking in reflected glory.’”

May 2018


MHSTeCA is now on FaceBook. If you have a facebook account, just type in Michigan High School Tennis Coaches in the white space near the top of your 'page' (says Search in the space). Click on Request to Join 'button' and you should get approval shortly.

If you are not on facebook, go to www.facebook.com and set up an account.

June 2011

Coaches - The MHSTeCA's 2015 Fall Newsletter is on available.
Click here to read.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view Newsletter

Click here to see past Newsletters.

December 2015

2014-15 Rules Meetings (Head Coach Rules Meeting Requirement has NOT changed)
DEADLINE - Thursday, April 16

1. Each head coach of a varsity team in a sport under MHSAA jurisdiction shall complete (in person or online) the MHSAA rules meeting for that sport for the current school year prior to the deadline if meetings are provided and attendance is required. If the head coach does not complete a rules meeting prior to the deadline, that coach shall be prohibited from coaching in that season's MHSAA tournament for the sport involved and shall not be present at the facility where the MHSAA tournament involving that coach's team is being held. An administrator or faculty member designee of that school shall be present with supervisory capacity over the school's competitors. Failure to receive reminder notifications (email or other) does not change the requirement of this Section.

2. Schools shall attest that all assistant and sub-varsity coaches have completed an MHSAA rules meeting (online or in person) for that sport for the current school year prior to the deadline or, in the alternative, one of the free online sports safety course posted on or linked from MHSAA.com and designated to fulfill this requirement. If an assistant coach does not complete a rules or safety meeting prior to the deadline, that coach shall be prohibited from coaching in that season's MHSAA tournament for the sport involved and shall not be present at the facility where the MHSAA tournament involving that coach's team is being held.

Besides the rules meeting (online or face-to-face), assistant and sub-varsity coaches may take one of the following online sports safety courses:
• MHSAA Rules Meeting Concussion Information & Protocol Review
• NFHS Concussion in Sports Course
• U of M School Coach Concussion Training
• Heads Up to Clinicians - CDC
• NFHS "Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment"
• NFHS"A Guide to Heat Acclimatization & Heat Illness Prevention"
• NFHS "A Guide to Sports Nutrition"

3. Effective with the 2015-16 school year, high schools must attest by each season's established deadline that all varsity head coaches have a valid current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification. FAQ about CPR Certification

4. Effective with the 2016-17 school year, each head coach of a varsity team in a sport under MHSAA jurisdiction hired for the first time at any MHSAA member school after July 31, 2016 shall have completed either Level 1 or Level 2 of the MHSAA Coaches Advancement Program (CAP). If the head coach does not complete CAP Level 1 or 2 prior to the established deadline, that coach shall be prohibited from coaching in that season's MHSAA tournament for that sport involved and shall not be present at the facility where the MHSAA tournament involving that coach's team is being held.

March 2015


MHSTeCA now has a written procedure for adding new members to its Board of Directors.
Click here to check on this process.

June 2015


MHSTeCA wants to get input from its membership on a number of items concerning tennis in the State of Michigan. A discussion forum has been set up dealing with different topics. Several new items have been added to this Discussion Forum that have come up at previous Board of Directors Meetings.

  1. Proposal for restructing Finals Tournament
  2. Proposal for "ethical, rule, and code violations." (Claims Committee)
  3. Regional Wild Card Entry
  4. Deadline for Line-up
  5. Tennis Parity
  6. Third Set Match Tiebreak.

Click here to check out other coaches' opinions and/or to add your opinion.

If you have other topics to either be added to this forum or discussed at a future Board of Directors meeting, please contact Joe Gentle or any Board Member.


The creation and development of such an energetic project plus the maintenance of it has not been without difficulty, particularly in the funding of the undertaking. We have been able to collect some contributions from different sources within our association and from donors in several tennis communities. However, there is still a definite need for more funds to defray the expenses of this entire endeavor. If you are able to contribute any finances individually or as a group, you are encouraged to send your check of any amount to:

Gary Ellis, Sec.-Treas.
115 Delano Street
Allegan, MI 49010

All contributions will be tax-deductible.

Comments, updated information, corrections, etc. can be emailed to Webmaster