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The main purpose of this site is to improve our communication with our members and to encourage more coaches to join our Association. If you click on any of the topics listed in the left column, you will be taken to information pertaining to that topic. Have fun!! Let us know what you think.

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The USPTA Midwest Division and the Midwest High School Tennis Coaches Associations
are presenting a "Midwest Winter Forum" on February 26 & March 5-6, 2021.

Register at usptamw.coachesclinic.com

The $45 fee is for the 3 days plus registrants can view the webinars online up to two weeks at their leisure, so they do not have to be present during the live presentation.

There is a special ticket for MHSTeCA members to pay dues and pay for conference, $25 + $45 = $70.
A coach who has already paid dues can simply register on the $45 ticket.

February 2021

The MHSTeCA's Hall of Fame Banquet is usually held in conjunction with the Tennis Workshop. The Coach of the Year, Assistant Coach and Mr & Miss Tennis Awards are presented at the Banquet to the winners. Since the Workshop was cancelled for 2021 due to Covid, so was the Banquet. Therefore this year, we had to come up with a method to present these awards and so we decided to post videos of the presentations that were made via Zoom.

Click here to see the videos.

January 2021

The MHSAA has set up regional representives that can help you with tennisreporting.com.
Click here to see the representative for your area.

August 2020

USTA Net Generation School Opportunity: Free Equipment Kit & Curricula

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has a program called the Net Generation School Tennis Program, where K-12 PE teachers can register for our complete FREE tennis curriculum and equipment package.  As a PE teacher you receive SHAPE America curriculum for grades K- 12, 30 size appropriate racquets, 36 tennis balls, net tape, chalk and a Net Generation roller bag to keep it all in. This is totally FREE! All you have to do is set up a FREE account on USTA.com, add your school program and return the attached Community Partner Agreement signed to Susan Courtright. This whole process takes less than 5 minutes and attached document demonstrate how to register on USTA.com.

If you are interested, please register on USTA.com and sign and email the attached Net Generation School Partnership agreement (you just need to fill out the school/district portion). If you would like to get your fellow colleagues registered as well, please share this information or have them contact Susan Courtright directly at susan@midwest.usta.com. (Please note you do not have to do Safe Sport Compliance videos or the NCSI background check during online registration).

Finally, the USTA also offers district wide workshops to train teachers how to teach tennis. These workshops often take place during professional development days. If you would like to get a training on the calendar, please reach out to coordinate a mutually agreeable date and time.

Tennis is proving to be a good social distancing sport, so consider making tennis a part of your PE curriculum moving forward.  The USTA looks forward to working with you!

Please contact Susan Courtright (susan@midwest.usta.com) to get started.


Susan Sommerville Courtright  | Tennis Service Representative,

Northeastern and Southeastern Michigan

USTA/Midwest Section | www.midwest.usta.com

317.333.3558 | susan@midwest.usta.com

Together Everyone Accomplishes More

January 2021



The MHSTeCA's Mr Tennis award is given to a Number One Senior Singles player. Each Division nominates one player from their Division and then one of those is chosen Mr Tennis.

The following players were nominated for Mr Tennis for Fall 2020.

Division 1 Gabe Brown, Troy Athens
Division 2 Nathaneil Webster, Mattawan
Division 3 Tyler Aldrich, Allegan
Neil Van Faasen, Holland
Division 4 William Cooksey, University Liggett
The Bob Wood Mr Tennis Award
for 2020 is
William Cooksey of University Liggett

Congratulations to William.
Click here for video of Will's Award Presentation
Previous Years Winners

2019 - Luke Baylis, Clarkston
2018 - Andrew Zhang, Bloomfield Hills
2017 - Steve Forman, Troy
2016 - Varun Shanker, H.H. Dow
2015 - Connor Johnston, Northville
2014 - Tim Wang, Novi
2013 - Davis Crocker, Kalamazoo Loy Norrix
2012 - Brett Forman, Troy
2011 - Andrew Cahn, West Bloomfield
2010 - Joe Dube, Detroit Catholic Central.
2009 - Aaron Pfister, Grand Blanc.
2008 - Michael Sukenik, East Grand Rapids
2007 (Fall) - Andrew Jung, Battle Creek Lakeview
2007 (Spring) - Michael Calderone, Jackson Lumen Christi
2006 - Matt Parks, Troy
2005 - Kevin Hayward, Ann Arbor Pioneer

October 2020


Due to Covid-19 the 2021 Tennis Workshop
has been cancelled.

August 2020



The MHSTeCA's Miss Tennis award is given to a Number One Senior Singles player. Each Division nominates one player from their Division and then one of those is chosen Miss Tennis.

The following players were nominated for Miss Tennis for Spring 2020.

Division 1 - Kari Miller of Ann Arbor Pioneer
Division 2 - Casey Smith of Portage Central
Division 3 - Deena Haddad of Flint Powers Catholic
Division 4 -
Helena Formentin of Grosse Ile
Melanie Zampardo of University Liggett


The Tiger Teusink Miss Tennis Award
for 2020 is
Kari Miller of Ann Arbor Pioneer

Congratulations to Kari.
Click here for video of Kari's Award Presentation
Previous Years Winners

2019 - Sloane Teske, East Grand Rapids
2018 - Sanoli Kumar, Northville
2017 - Ava Thielman, Utica Eisenhower
2016 - Raven Neely, Grosse Pointe South
2015 - Davina Nguyen, Utica
2014 - Alexandria Najarian, Cranbrook-Kingswood
2013 - Mary Hanna, Saline
2012 - Hailey Barrett, Grand Ledge
2011 - Kelsey Dieters, Rochester
2010 - Kathleen Hawkins, Kalamazoo Hackett
2009 - Maggie Remynse, Battle Creek Lakeview
2008 - Shannon Mathews, Cranbrook Kingswood
2007 - No Season
2006 - Jessica Seyferth, Ann Arbor Pioneer
2005 - Emily Dudzik, Greenville
2004 - Stephanie Kebler, Okemos

August 2020


A couple of items that the MHSAA's Rep Council passed that you should be aware of:

  • The Final tournament will be played on Friday and Saturday unless there are conflicts with the host facility, in which case the tournament location with the conflict would be scheduled for Thursday and Friday

  • Host schools may schedule Regionals on any day, Wednesday through Saturday, during the week of Regionals. Regionals currently take place Thursday through Saturday

May 2020

Tennis Reporting

Coaches will again be required to report their team scores on tennisreporting.com. It is still free to the school. See your AD for info on how to login.

Parents, players, etc. can also register on tennisreporting.com for a fee of $10.00 for the year (365 days). This will allow them to check on matches, players, etc.

There a number of 'new' things that should make this easier for coaches to use:

  • Matches

    • the home coach enters the scores of the match

    • these scores are then sent to the other coach(es) and if okay, he/she approves

    • if not, it gets sent back to home coach for corrections (comments can be added)

    • once both (all) have approved the scores, the match is recorded and can not be changed

    Post Season (Regionals & Finals)

    • Coaches can use tennisreporting.com to enter Regional lineup at anytime up to deadline

    • Players scores (past & future - up to deadline) will automatically be updated on the Regional lineup

    • Lineup can be changed at any time - up to deadline

    • Other coaches/schools can not see the lineup until after the deadline

    • Entries will be automatically sent to Regional Host after the deadline

  • Regional and Final results may be 'live'.

    • This will depend on if there is someone at the event to enter the scores.

    • There will be no cost to parents, players, etc. for this feature

The MHSAA has set up regional representives that can help you with tennisreporting.com.
Click here to see the representative for your area.

August 2020


The 2020 Coaches' Directory is posted to the website.

The directory is password protected. In February 2020 the current password was emailed to all members that listed email addresses. If you can not access the Directory, you may not have renewed your membership for 2020.

Please check to make sure that your information is correct and send any corrections to Bruce Grotenhuis (see below).


  1. Please send any updates/corrections for the directory to Bruce Grotenhuis
  2. Click here to view directory. (Updated as of November 30, 2020)

February 2020


MHSTeCA is now on FaceBook. If you have a facebook account, just type in Michigan High School Tennis Coaches in the white space near the top of your 'page' (says Search in the space). Click on Request to Join 'button' and you should get approval shortly.

If you are not on facebook, go to www.facebook.com and set up an account.

June 2011


The creation and development of such an energetic project plus the maintenance of it has not been without difficulty, particularly in the funding of the undertaking. We have been able to collect some contributions from different sources within our association and from donors in several tennis communities. However, there is still a definite need for more funds to defray the expenses of this entire endeavor. If you are able to contribute any finances individually or as a group, click on the button below.


All contributions will be tax-deductible.

October 2019


MHSTeCA now has a written procedure for adding new members to its Board of Directors.
Click here to check on this process.

June 2015