Michigan High School Tennis Coaches Association

January 2024 - January 2025

The MHSTeCA offers an opportunity for tennis coaches to work together toward the improvement of both individual and collective facets of the profession. For over 40 years, it has promoted and supported clinics that have featured some of the foremost experts in our field. Past speakers have included Arthur Ashe, Chris Evert, Vic Brandon, Tim Gullikson, Dennis Vandermeer and Peter Burwash. In addition, the Association Board selectes the All-State team and the Coach of the Year award, initiates significant rules changes (the change to four equal divisions and the 16 point state qualifier rule are but two examples), speaks with a unified voice when working with the MHSAA (the Gender Equity Lawsuit is but one example), offers a Tournament Clearinghouse to aid in Saturday tournaments, and boasts an excellent website filled with useful information.

The MHSTeCA membership fee of $25.00 includes:

  1. Michigan High School Coaches Association (MHSCA) membership.
  2. National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) membership.
  3. Eligibility for MHSTeCA Coach of the Year award (if you are a Varsity Coach).
  4. Eligibility for MHSTeCA Assistant Coach award.
  5. Eligibility for MHSTeCA Academic All-State Team recognition. Coach's membership is a requirement.
  6. Eligibility for MHSTeCA Academic Senior Player recognition. Coach's membership is a requirement.
  7. The password to the online Directory posted on MHSTeCA's website.
  8. OPTIONAL - A hard copy of the MHSTeCA Directory which contains member coaches (as of December 2023) data information such as phone numbers, email address, home address, school information, etc.

When your membership payment and the data form is received:

  • you will receive an email that acknowledges your payment and will contain the password for the online Directory
  • IF YOU REQUEST - a hard copy of the MHSTeCA Directory will be sent in the mail within one week

Click here to start the payment process.

(NOTE: If you coach at two different schools, please fill out a form for each school.)