MHSTeCA's Claims Committee By-Laws

A committee has been established to offer a clear process for reaching resolutions for ethical and rule concerns. The committee expects to function professionally and collaboratively with all parties to preserve the guidelines of the MHSAA Coaches Rules Manual.



Additional Items:

  1. Prior to the involvement of a claims member, the concerned party must make a documented effort to resolve the issue with the opposing party.  If the coaches, athletic directors, or league of the respected schools cannot resolve the issue, then a claims member may assist in the process.   
  1. All concerns brought forward must include: a list of the schools involved, contact information for each, an outline of the issue(s), the rule in question, any documented information, and indication of an attempt to resolve the concern at the local level.


  1. Upon receiving a case and gathering information, the merit of the case will be evaluated by the claims member and chair member.  If the claim is found to have merit, the accused party will be notified by the committee.  The accused will have 72 hours to resolve the concern conducive to MHSAA standards.
  1. If it is found that the submitted case does not have merit, then that case will be dropped.

Ranked Order of Ability Claims and Responses:

    1. The case must outline what flight(s) are out of order with all scores validating such claims.
    2. The committee encourages including contact information of area coaches for lineup verification.  All information gathered in this process will be kept confidential and anonymous. 

This committee may only be utilized when situations cannot be resolved amongst coaches at the local level without the local claims member’s guidance.  This clearly defined process will warrant that schools participate fairly, professionally, and with good sportsmanship through competition in the spirit of the rules of high school tennis.