MHSTeCA's All-State Selection Process & Timelines

Selection Process
The coaches on the Board of Directors select the All State teams. The Board is made up of coaches throughout the state and from all Divisions. Any coach can give input to any member of the Board before the meeting. Player record forms for players that qualified to the state tournament, as well as state tournament results must be on hand at the meeting. A coach of a player that did not qualify for the state tournament can get player record forms to any member of the Board so that that player can be considered by the Committee.

The Board divides up into subcommittees (by Division) made up of coaches from that division.

There is no set number of player/teams for All State or Honorable Mention. The number varies from year to year depending on the overall quality in the given year. No one is guaranteed a spot on All State based on his/her finish at the state tournament, however, there is criteria for consideration. Sportsmanship issues can be a cause for a player to be excluded from All State or Honorable Mention.

Strong consideration is given to the following singles players:

Strong consideration is given to the following doubles teams:

The goal is to give recognition to the strongest players in each Division in the state. The above does not guarantee that a player is selected All State, but is a starting point for discussion. Other things that factor into the decision:

During the Division meetings, members will consult with coaches in the other Divisions to help establish the relative quality of players.

When the Divisions are finished, the Board meets as a group (generally there are 35-40 coaches in attendance) and lists each individual so that coaches in other Divisions can give additional input before the selections are final.

Tip of the hat to Gary Ellis for this explanation of the All-State selection process.


Our goal is to present an All State list that is accurate the first time it is posted.

Appeals Process

  1. An appeal must be made within three months af the the publication of the All State team on MHSTeCA's web site.
  2. All appeals/requests must come from the coach/Athletic Director of the player or from a member of the Board of Directors.
  3. The request should be made to the appropriate Grievance Person.
  4. The Grievance Person will review the player(s)’ records and determine whether the appeal has merit.
  5. If merit is determined, the Grievance Person will contact other members of the selection committee to review the request.
  6. If the determination is made to add a player to All-State, the Grievance Person will notify the President and Board Members.

The Grievance Person will inform the player(s)’ coach of the subcommittee’s decision.